Flow Vision

Flow Vision

FlowVision is a complete, integrated CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) solution. Based on the traditional Finite Volume concept and modern C++ implementation, FlowVision is still very different from the competition.

The FlowVision workflow is more flexible and focused on solving physical problems rather than mesh generation. Meshing in FlowVision is completely automatic and forms an integral part of a solver, which results in many benefits and unique capabilities.

The multi-parameter optimization automates design processes to deliver optimal solutions which are impossible to get through traditional engineering practices.

The FlowVision development started in the late 90’s at Russian Academy of Science and is continued since 1999 in the Capvidia group. Today FlowVision evolved to the third generation product addressing wide range of applications often unique and not supported by traditional CFD products.


Co-simulation with SIMULIA Abaqus has been pioneered for over 12 years resulting in powerful solution for heavily coupled FSI (Fluid Structure Interaction) problems as e.g. simulation of tires hydroplaning. High-level scalability of FlowVision parallel solver minimizes computational time scaling complex R&D simulations to practical engineering tasks.

If you look for costs savings and quality increase for your products, FlowVision is the right way to go. Please read further or contact us for more information already today.

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    - External Aerodynamics
    - Gas Dynamics in Reciprocating & Rotary Engines
    - Thermal Loading in Engine Blocks
    - Engine Cooling
    - Turbo Compressors
    - Fuel Tank Sloshing

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    - Aircraft External Aerodynamics
    - Engine Intake and Hull Optimization
    - Subsonic, Transonic & Supersonic Flow Regimes
    - Water Landing & Splashdown
    - Gas Turbines & Compressors
    - Combustion Chambers

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    - MRF, Sliding Mesh and Moving Bodies
    - Pre-Defined & Fluid Induced Rotations
    - Torque & Power Calculations
    - Axial & Centrifugal Machines
    - Fans & Compressors
    - Hydraulic & Wind Turbines