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CAE Fidesys is an innovative CAE system, which performs a full cycle of engineering-strength analysis from meshing to results visualization. By downloading version 1.6R2 you get access to the full functionality of CAE Fidesys Professional and all functional modules for 30 days.

By choosing our software you get:
1) The universal CAE system with the wide functionality range for any type of industry
2) Attractive price – several times lower than for well-known international CAE brands
3) Powerful and flexible pre-processor allowing to get high-quality finite-element meshing
4) High speed and accuracy of calculations confirmed by international NAFEMS tests
5) Convenient interface.

We offer you two versions of CAE Fidesys - Standard and Professional depending on functionality range, which you need for your business.


CAE Fidesys Standard

1) Solving problems for plane stresses and plain strains
2) Strength analysis for static and dynamic loadings
3) Eigenfrequencies and eigenmodes
4) Critical loads and buckling modes
5) Solving problems for the bodies with beam and/or shell elements.


CAE Fidesys Professional

1) All functionality of Fidesys Standard +
2) Elastoplastic material models of von Mises and Drucker-Prager
3) Geometrically nonlinear problems
4) Physically nonlinear problems
5) Contact problems
6) Problems of thermal conductivity and thermoelasticity.

CAE Fidesys supports a majority of popular CAD formats:

01) ACIS (*.sat, *.sab*)
02) IGES (*.igs, *.iges*)
03) STEP (*.stp, *.step*)
04) AVS Files (*.avs)
05) Genesis/Exodus (*.g, *.gen, *.e, *.exo)
06) Facets (*.fac)
07) STL Files (*.stl)
08) Patran (*.pat, *.neu, *.out)
09) Ideas (*.unv)
10) Abaqus (*.inp)
11) Fluent (*.msh)
12) Nastran (*.bdf)
13) Cubit Files (*.cub)
14) SolidWorks (*.sldprt, *.sldasm)
15) Parasolid (*.x_t, *.x_b)
16) Pro/Engineer (*.prt*, *.asm*)
You can also install on CAE Fidesys platform the functional modules which help solving specific industrial problems. More information about the functional modules could be found here.