Strategy Development

Strategy Development

Strategy is a fluid and dynamic process. It is about envisioning the future, creating a clear direction for the business, building on current competences and skills, and making choices about actions and priorities in pursuit of creating and developing competitive advantage; not to mention commercial performance.

To succeed, alignment across a business’ leadership team and engagement with its people across the organisation is critical.

Strategy is not rigid or prescriptive, rather it is directional in pursuit of a clear vision and it must flex to adapt and respond to the threats and opportunities that arise from changing market and competitive situations.


Strategy execution is something successful leaders focus on. According to research published in the Harvard Business Review, “Companies realise only 40-60% of their strategies’ potential value”.

Successful leaders know these numbers and understand it takes much more than a great strategy to be number one. You need to turn that great strategy into great performance.

• Do you have a strategy to drive traffic to your website?
• Do you have a strategy to look after those people who do visit your website?
• Do you have a strategy to identify marketing qualified and sales qualified leads?
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